Our Projects — Your Satisfaction

“Due to Covid-19, I decided to use a local auto body shop so I discovered Alex and Tony's family owned business! My son had scraped the trim on the BMW and Alex quoted $800 for a paint repair, but he was very honest and told me his suggestions. Instead of the full repair, he told me to purchase touch up paint and he helped me buff out the scratches. It looks brand new now!! He didn't charge me for his time or effort. I was blown away--The guys are friendly and personable. They did not pressure me at all. Alex gave me great tips on how to take care of my BMW. I would definitely use their service again and I plan to encourage my friends and family to use their service. I'm taking my BMW back today for a touch up and I am comforted knowing that I will receive the very best service from Alex and Tony. I highly recommend this shop.”
- Paige

“Wowza! Alex and his team definitely delivered. We're no stranger to them (it sounds horrible in my aspect.. I'm not that bad of a driver! I guess. Lol moving on..) So we brought in our Honda Pilot to have a bumper fixed (minor dent and scratched). Father-in-law tried the old school self touch- up paint and we all know that's never going to cut it. We brought it in on a Monday and by Thursday (same week) it was ready. The bumper was immaculate! They managed to keep the same bumper, removed the existing self paint job and refinish it looking like brand new! I thought they replaced the bumper because it looked that good. Shoulda woulda coulda on taking that before picture. Alex is the guy to talk with. They were honest, pricing was reasonable, quick workers and most importantly very personable (remembered me by my name and asked how the kids were *face palm*) Check them out.”
- Nancy

“ I was in an accident and my bumper and passenger door was damaged. The work was going to take 4 days to repair cause they needed to order the door. When I went in and dropped off my car for repairs on Tuesday I explained to Alex that I had to have my car back by Friday morning cause I was going out of town for 2 weeks. He ordered the door right away and went to pick it up himself vs. waiting for it to be delivered to the shop. Alex and his team worked after hours to get all the prep work, paint and door installed. So it would be ready for me to pick up Friday morning (it looks AMAZING BTW!)... Alex even came into the shop early so I could pick up my car before work. Thank you so much for taking care of me. You've made this process so easy and seamless!”

- LT